We are the KEY to your Business

A Place Where Ideas Take Shape

An idea: sparks a conversation, starts a business, initiates a connection, brings people together and creates a newer world to live. But an idea is successful only when it is moulded and communicated through the right media.

Akruthi India is Where Ideas take shape. We understand the need to help an idea live, survive and thrive. In a dynamic world, the right communication for a new business thought or a new product can create opportunities and enhance favorable returns.

Ideate, Create, Communicate

It's our 360 degree holistic approach to ideas that helps brands communicate and connect with the world. Whether it's a business, an organization or a product, we create, conceptualise and design to help present the idea with a customer-centric approach.

Who We Are

Based in one of India's fastest growing cities, Bengaluru, Akruthi India is a close-knit team of design and communication professionals.

We provide expert solutions for web design and development (websites & internal portals), creative designs for various communication requirements (internal & external communication), content for websites, branding and print solutions. We also provide SEO and social media marketing solutions.

Why take us onboard

We have an eye for ideas. That's what makes our work different. We are an ideas factory with attention to detail because we believe the devil is in the details. From asking questions, brain storming, doodling to the final EUREKA moment, we ensure each aspect of an idea is worked out in detail to bring only the best, and nothing else, to the table.